View Full Version : NGC7K-IC5070-IC5068 in [SII], Ha and [OIII] light

Richard Crisp
November 13th 03, 07:17 PM
here is a link to a new image taken over the past three nights.

Actually I am working on a mosaic in the area but this single frame is sort
of pleasing to me so I will post the intermediate results now.

Again taking consideration to those that aren't comfortable with green
nebulae, I have adopted the use of two different color palettes: the
"pillars" and CFHT palettes.


This was shot with my IMG1024S "Dream Machine" used on my telecompressed
Traveler using an ST7E/AP80mm guidescope for guiding. The total exposure
time was 2.5 hours. The exposure specifics are listed on the webpage
referenced above.


Milton Aupperle
November 13th 03, 09:40 PM
In article >, Richard
Crisp > wrote:

> http://www.rdcrisp.darkhorizons.org/ngc7k_ic5070_ic5068_page.htm

Once again - Stunning work Richard..

Milton Aupperle