View Full Version : Rosette project completed

Richard Crisp
November 1st 03, 08:24 PM
I finished my Rosette mosaic project last night. The previous shot I posted
was a taste of the final result. I ended up with a total of 6 hours and 40
minutes exposure spread over two sites for my 1 x 2 mosaic.

I used both the "pillars palette" and a modified RGB palette (Ha=R,
[OIII]=G, [SII]=B) for those that don't like green in nebulae :-)

This shot went deeper than the previous one.

Give it a look at:


I used an ST10XME / Traveler with 0.75x telecompressor to take the shot.

I used both 20 and 30 minute subexposures through Cust Sci 3nm FWHM emission
line filters.