View Full Version : Meade 8" LX200 schmidt Cassegrain telescope for sale - UK

Graham Wilkinson
September 9th 03, 08:35 PM
Hi folks,

My trusty 8" Meade LX200 schmidt Cassegrain telescope is now up for
sale, as I haven't got the space or the time to devote to it now. It
might be of special interest at the moment as Mars is quite close,
although I've always thought the coolest sight was Jupiter's moons.
Even better than a ring nebula :o). You'll have to wait for Jupiter
now though - it is below the horizon, but about half the known
universe is still above!

This is a GOTO scope (pre-GPS), so you don't need to become an expert
before you use it, but you might become one afterwards...

I've put it on ebay at:


I'm based in west-Cambridge, CAMBS if the buyer wants to collect it
after the auction that would be handy if you were nearby - it's quite

It comes with hard foam filled case, 4 eyepieces, 2 filters and works
find. It is in superb condition.

It was bought new in Nov. 1994.
Email me via ebay with any questions.


Graham Wilkinson