View Full Version : Experience with Canon PowerShot G3?

Mike Jones
September 9th 03, 12:32 PM
I recently bought a Canon PowerShot G3 4 megapixel camera. Max exposure
15 seconds, max aperture f/2. I'm not yet familiar with exposure
stacking and image enhancement but would like to get deeper into it.
All I have right now is Paint Shop Pro, which doesn't have Fourier
filtering, MER, image math, etc. I have a 16" f/6 Newtonian to take the
shots. The camera does great with eyepiece projection on the Moon,
Mars, and Saturn. I have reached about 6th magnitude at 15 seconds and

A few questions, though: Anybody out there have any experience or
website shots using this camera for deep-sky astrophotography? Will I
have too much readout noise (as previously mentioned by Chris
Peterson)? What are some good software packages for post-processing CCD