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August 16th 03, 12:46 AM
Hi Guys,

A Great coming back to me in the CCD imaging after 9 months.

I posted, on my web site, my new picture with color information.

Not the best, but the first picture with my new material.

3 nights of exposures and one week of work for the processing have been
necessary to have this picture.

I noted in my picture the stars close to the edges are more yellow but I don't
know why : H-Alpha layer ?? field curvature on this area (I need to purchase
the WO Field Flattener to avoid the elongated stars with the ST-10XME chip, too
big) ?? Gradient in a color layer ??

You can see my picture on my web site. You will find the picture and all the
information thanks to the link inside the Popup window of my Homepage at this
address :


Note :
The image has been a bit reduced for the web but It remains 1.44Mb.



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