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David Nakamoto
August 9th 03, 07:02 PM
Well, there isn't much information here; type of scope, what you're trying
image, et al. I'm guessing, but since you mentioned trying to image a tree,
remember that this camera is designed for very faint light conditions, not
clear sunny days, or even cloudy days. Deep twilight is as far as I'd go in
imaging anything with these cameras. And no bright lights.

Not that this explains the pattern you're seeing, but it would help to
diagnose the problem if you only image objects in the sky, like the fainter
stars, as targets. If you're going to use the Moon, filter it extensively
using masks and filters.

If this is not the problem, then just a word of advice. I've heard many
of people trying to get this camera to work, and a lot of them describe
a lot of technical problems that in some cases could not be solved. If
you could test the camera under more strict conditions w could offer
better advice.

Good Luck !

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"Ocracoke" > wrote in message
> I have a Meade 416XT for an observatory at my university. We have been
> working on it for some time and are unable to obtain a picture. Once or
> twice we have been able to grab pictures of a tree, but nothing else.
> of the time we get images like the one attached. Has anyone has results
> like this?