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Phil Wheeler
August 1st 03, 12:50 PM
Larry wrote:
> Sorry for the dual post, I forgot to add the ASTRO to the subject in the
> first message. I don't post that often.
> Hello to everyone,
> I currently own a Celestron Super Polaris C8 telescope that I have
> enjoyed for years, however because of medical problems in my legs I am
> forced to sell my C8 in the near future and go with a smaller telescope. I
> have been researching the MEADE ETX-125 and what I have read so far I like.


I assume that the leg problems result in reduced ability to carry weight
... since putting any scope on a tripod requires some degree of mobility.

If that is the case, I would recommend you consider the Celestron
Nexstar 5. Same basic aperture (127 mm vs. 125 mm) and I believe the
GOTO functions work better. I would guess that the mass and volume are
similar. In principle the Mak-Cas design of the 125 would provide
somewhat better contrast than the SCT NS 5; but I have a C5+ (same OTA
as the NS 5) and it is excellent.

I have an ETX-90EC (same handcontroller as the 125) and it has been and
endless source of frustration for four years; and my grandson, the
computer wizard, who has it now has had no better luck. And I have
religiously done all the firmware upgrades provided by Meade. Reports
are that the Celestron GOTO scopes are better performers.

I hope to experience that for myself, soon. I have a brand new Nexstar
8GPS purchased yesterday. Due to cloud cover, I have not yet put it on
the tripod and fired it up. Hopefully tonight!

Private msg to avoid Meade vs. Celestron flames :-)


Phil Wheeler
August 1st 03, 03:21 PM
Phil Wheeler wrote:
> Private msg to avoid Meade vs. Celestron flames :-)

Guess I messed THAT part up :-)