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  1. Re: Galaxy Rotation vs Redshift
  2. Re: Dark Matter vs Dark Energy
  3. Rutherford Atom Revisited
  4. Cosmology
  5. Re: FW: Simple Question
  6. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  7. Formula to Calculate Baryon/Photon Ratio
  8. FW: Simple Question
  9. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  10. Questions about the "Ancient" planet in M4
  11. Re: Investigate Phobos
  12. Re: Alan Guth
  13. Questions about formation of planetary systems
  14. Re: Can "13 billion" yr old planet actually be younger?
  15. Filter Sets
  16. Where to buy a high-end custom-made telescope?
  17. Arp and Quasar-Galaxy alignments proposed statistical study
  18. Re: Confused by DeSitter again!
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  21. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  22. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  23. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  24. Some questions
  25. Matter density in interplanetary space?
  26. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  27. Some questions
  28. Relativity of microwave background radiation map.
  29. Essay on Discovery That the Universe Is Expanding
  30. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  31. Black hole mass-sigma correlation
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  33. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  34. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  35. Re: Black hole content of ellipticals (was: Galaxies without dark
  36. Re: Supernova star formation
  37. High Speed Photometry
  38. Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  39. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  40. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  41. Re: Non-recessional cosmic redshift
  42. Veron 11th Catalogue released
  43. A basic question about gravitational Lensing
  44. Apology for posting delays, and reminder
  45. Lab Results: Water Likely On Mars
  46. Celestial Mechanics Investigations
  47. Do satellites affect planetary rotational inertia?
  48. Re: for sci.astro.research readers
  49. Announcement on Availability of Particles
  50. A new TIPSY file viewer, request for comments
  51. quick judo-like move
  52. 2003QO104
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  54. Re: Dark Matter Excell simulation program.
  55. is there really a 26000 year period for the precession of the
  56. Re: when was it first discovered that Earth's obliquity oscillates?
  57. Int. Journal of Modern Physics D - TOC alert
  58. Pre-publication release of Quasars.Org catalogue
  59. Inside a nebulae.
  60. Three-dimensional volumetric model of nebulaes
  61. Relativity and Astronomy?
  62. Re: Metagalaxy?
  63. Modern Physics Letters A - TOC alert
  64. Re: let's mould in back of the closed sunshines, but don't open the polite sauces
  65. Topology of the universe
  66. 2 Questions for Astronomers
  67. Gravity and levity
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  69. Universe topology
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  71. Re: Age of the Earth
  72. Re: Thoughts on Extrasolar Planets
  73. Re: post for sci.astro.research
  74. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  75. how big is the universe?
  76. Re: Clue to Dark Matter Mystery
  77. ADMINISTRIVIA: Messages lost
  78. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  79. Re: grass roots capitalism
  80. 17 minutes
  81. Re: Gamma Ray Bursts -- Fireballs or Cannonballs?
  82. Re: Alternative cosmological model
  83. Re: Galaxies without dark matter halos?
  84. A Dark energy question (based on Blandford's talk at SSI)
  85. Mars Orbital Parameter Variation
  86. Variations in the orbital parameters of Mars
  87. class b stars
  88. Re: kenny, could be repeated
  89. speed of light asymptotic in higher gravity?
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  91. Invitation to have your name listed in support of well motivated
  92. Micro-QSR environment
  93. Question about classification
  94. Gravity, Dark Energy, Alpha, & General Relativity.
  95. Escape From A Black Hole
  96. Information to Can Leave A Black Hole
  97. Research Grade mirrors
  98. Stable, unstable orbit resonances
  99. [WWW] Astronomy Free Software: EfeCalc 2.18
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  101. Re: Math behind converting kinematic radial velocities of clouds to
  102. Are Black Holes Dark Matter factories?
  103. Summer Science Program in astronomy, calculus, and physics
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  105. Cosmological Polaris effect
  106. Re: no poor cold sauce expects enigmas between Jay's fat pin
  107. Re: generally Mohammad will order the card, and if Ayub quietly shouts it too, the barber will change for the dirty forest
  108. Re: who will you pull the thin strange books before Hala does
  109. Re: plenty of empty hats in back of the sad navel were conversing on the blunt bedroom
  110. How Popular is the Mars Exploration Program?
  111. 'Coronal Heating' Could Be Explained by Solar Gravitation
  112. Mining the moon for unlimited Energy.
  113. Martian Life Confirmed?
  114. Collision of Galaxies scenarios
  115. Modelling surface temperatures on Mars
  116. Space telescope future
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  119. Looking for Tidal Interaction expert
  120. Cosmic Background Radiation
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  122. NASA SWIFT : When is launch date?
  123. Would like identification of some lake-like features in MGS photo
  124. The formation of Kuiper-belt binaries through exchange reactions
  125. Krypton
  126. HUDF
  127. Redshift Mechanisms and Supernova Lightcurves
  128. Are Black Holes Dark Matter factories?
  129. IRAF and iMAC
  130. The end of inflation
  131. Re: The formation of Kuiper-belt binaries through exchange
  132. Determining the Hubble constant very accurately
  133. JPL solar ephemeris?
  134. test posting -- ignore
  135. Planck Scale Fluctuations
  136. Probably Dumb Questions
  137. open questions in physics
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  139. Big Bang question
  140. Barnard's Star & Kapteyn's Star
  141. Mars atmosphere for aerobraking question
  142. Re: how is the distance from the sun to the center of the Milky way determined?
  143. Laser Guide Stars
  144. Forum for the GGC-DB
  145. Help needed about Red Giants
  146. X-rays From Distant Sources?
  147. Black Hole exploding is a Big Bang?
  148. AAAS: Call for Symposia–Deadline 30 April 2004
  149. Statement on Spam and VoteNader.org
  150. Converting old photometry units
  151. online database/spreadsheet of stars
  152. filaments on "bounce" rock
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  155. Which catalog is best?
  156. Solar time versus TAI discrepancy
  157. Galactic rotation curves online?
  158. Moon rocks fall up?
  159. why is it important to precisely measure 1 AU?
  160. xmds solves complex problems simply and quickly
  161. How do astronomers convert z (when < 0.1) to km/s (cz vs relativistic formula)
  162. There is no mud without water
  163. ?Source of Io's tidal heating?
  164. Looking at Mars
  165. Galiliean satellite epherimerides E5.
  166. Distance between two galaxies
  167. Plasma redshift, coronal heating, QSOs, CMB, DM halos etc.
  168. This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 206)
  169. A coincidence in the Cosmos?
  170. Re: Big Bang & Black Holes -- worse conceptual problem thanmatter/antimatter asymetry?
  171. Any rocks from Venus?
  172. Faster than light? Huh.
  173. Supernova & GRB time dilation
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  175. Re: pioneer 10 acceleration
  176. A very specific SETI proposal (or question)
  177. Find new density and potential pair
  178. Universe is older than the big bang
  179. does Gravity B probe have an error ?
  180. *** Is this stuff looking like ICE ?
  181. Why no mission to IO?
  182. on new AJL paper, vsusy and causality
  183. Decoupling Era
  184. Re: pioneer 10 acceleration
  185. Isolating the direction of the Earth's orbital motion
  186. Re: pioneer 10 acceleration
  187. A critique of Moffat's nonsymmetric gravitational theory?
  188. [IRAF] No output in CCDPROC
  189. Re: pioneer 10 acceleration
  190. Saturn--current literature and books
  191. Absolute and relative time
  192. Numerical problems to be solved in astronomy
  193. Re; absolute time
  194. Re: Simultaneous transits of Venus and Mercury?
  195. question about the mechanism of energy conservation in free fall
  196. Saturn comes into view
  197. [ANN] xmds-1.3-4 released! xmds solves complex problems simply and quickly
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  199. Martian Spiders
  200. Any complete standardized SNIa data out there?
  201. Help! How to convert "acceleration of expansion" to SI units?
  202. Grav lensing: multiple images as opposed to a circle, how is that possible?
  203. announcement=please distribute=
  204. new Celestial Mechanics research
  205. specific guide for seeing Murray mesh in a 1.89 MB Hubble photo of Abell 1689: Murray 2004.06.19 rmforall
  206. specific guide for seeing Murray mesh in a 1.89 MB Hubble photo of Abell 1689: Murray 2004.06.28 rmforall
  207. Transverse Proximity Effect with a foreground quasar
  208. Atmospheric retention/escape velocity formula
  209. Mean orbital elements
  210. Pioneer 10 acceleration
  211. The observable, universe reaches the "big bang"
  212. do galaxies wobble?
  213. How bright is the space between the stars?
  214. PC Based Fits Viewer Feature
  215. [WWW] Good Website For School Research
  216. Quasar variation - no time-dilation found by Mike Hawkins
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  218. Electric field of the sun
  220. Re: General relativity versus black holes
  221. Hyperbolic space and current observations
  222. Help! Urgent Astronomy Request
  223. Rindler black hole
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  225. announcement of the Call of Papers
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  230. APOD of 27 aug Sedna
  231. Planetary Physics Question
  232. Gratings
  233. More comets towards Alpha Centauri?
  234. News reports of "ET" signal are off-base, say scientists
  235. Crab Pulsar Frequency?
  236. IRAF spectrum extraction question
  237. galaxy statistics
  238. Variable red giants - question
  239. Cosmic acceleration rediscovered
  240. Planetary positions for 300 years!
  241. ?sun's orbit around the galaxy?
  242. PhD/Postdoc grants in Optical Interferometry
  243. Is this paper legitimate??
  244. Leo Goldberg Fellowship at NOAO
  245. PhD program Intern. Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics
  246. International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics - Proceedings
  247. [WWW] Space mining
  248. Black Holes in Blue
  249. PostDoc Fellowships at Oxford in Theor. Astrophys and Cosmology
  250. Postdoctoral positions in Astrophysics RTN programme